Book Review “Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gay vs. Christian Debate”

Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gay vs. Christian Debate by Justin Lee (Founder of Gay Christian Network – GCN) (2013)

As I witness Alabama and conservative Christians struggle with changes in the way we view gender and sexual orientation, this book came recommended to me by…a conservative Christian! Why haven’t more of us read this book? Justin, raised a Southern Baptist, did a wonderful job of explaining how difficult it was for him to discover that being gay was not a decision, nor was it against God’s plan for him. Being gay was being who he is. He searched the Bible, religious teachings, and prayed that God would take his desires for men away. If Justin’s honest pursuit, desire, and hopes for a wife and family were what God wanted for him, it would have happened. Instead, while Justin searched for earthly answers, he found real Truth. You can be gay and Christian. It is about a personal, spiritual relationship with Christ. This is a book that most of Alabama needs to read right now – especially if you are a Christian.

Book Review By: Lynn M. Hazard, LCSW (

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