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Every year LGBTQ people are beaten, harassed and killed just for being themselves. Many cannot find safety at home or in their intimate relationships.  The Free2Be Safe Anti-Violence Project is here to help!  

Review our most current service data: 

Free2Be is working to give the LGBTQ people of Alabama access to specialized support throughout the state. The Free2Be Network now has offices in Huntsville and Birmingham. By November 2016 we will have new offices open in Mobile and Montgomery.  Free2Be Youth groups currently meet in Huntsville and Mobile. By November 2016 Youth groups will also be meeting in Athens and Dothan. 

We need you to know these numbers if you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself, of being hurt by someone else, or have just been victimized and in need of immediate attention: 

  • Dial 911 if you need someone there NOW

  • 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline Lifeline 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

  • 24/7 Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) (TTY HOTLINE 1.800.787.3224)

  • 24/7 Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence/Rape 1.800.650.6522

  • 24/7 Sexual Assault and Rape Hotline 1.800.656.HOPE (4073)


Free2Be Safe Direct Service Locations:

Free2Be Huntsville (256-886-1150) (info@free2be.org) Free Counseling, Referrals, & Support GroupsFree2Be

Birmingham (205-202-7476) (info@free2be.org) Free Counseling and Referrals

Free2Be Mobile (256-886-1150) (info@free2be.org) LGBTQ Youth Peer Support Group is active.  Additional support groups and an office with Free Counseling & Referral services is being planned.

Free2Be Shoals (256-886-1150) (info@free2be.org) Free Counseling

Free2Be Montgomery (Planning Stage) An office with Free Counseling, Referrals, and Support Groups is being planned.

Free2Be Dothan (Planning Stage) A LGBTQ Youth Peer Support Group is being planned.

Free2Be Athens (Planning Stage) A LGBTQ Youth Peer Support Group is being planned.

·       All Free2Be Safe services are provided free because of the support of generous donors and grant funding through the Victims of Crime Act and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act.

·       All people needing help are welcome regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


Creating a safe Alabama starts with the people of Alabama including LGBTQ and HIV-affected people coming together. Free2Be Safe Anti-Violence Project organizes programs and events to prevent and respond to violence. We conduct community outreach throughout Alabama to let people who need our help know about our programs and services. We provide training, technical assistance and support to community leaders, first responders and community based organizations in order to ensure that culturally sensitive services are available to the LGBTQ people of Alabama. We work to create a culture of respect and safety for all people. 


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