Book Review: “The Men With The Pink Triangle”

The Men With The Pink Triangle (The True, Life And Death Story Of Homosexuals In The Nazi Death Camps – Heinz Heger

 I am embarrassed to say how long this extremely important book sat on my bookshelf before I picked it up to read…

 Reading Heinz Heger’s account of his persecution in Nazi Germany has re-opened my eyes to a terrible time in the history of humanity. I had heard about the men who were forced to wear the Pink Triangle but I never knew the details of their torture. Unknown thousands of homosexuals were imprisoned and killed in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Only a handful ever shared their stories and Heinz Heger is the only one who identified himself to the world. Every human being needs to read this book and respect the memory of all the people who were tortured and killed during this time and anytime for simply being who they were. Homosexuals are still persecuted and killed in many parts of our world today. Let us learn from our past and respect all human beings.

– James Robinson

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